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In keeping with Friedmans Commitment to rst-rate customer service, our generator division
represents power generation products to provide the best solutions on all facets of a project
from development to implementation and troubleshooting.
A Sonepar Company
Nichole Bardo-Generator Specialist
Maintenance kits
5,7 and 10 year bumper to bumper
extended warranties available
Generac Cable
• Towable Units
• Wi-Fi LP Fuel level monitor
Generator Service
Provide peace of mind for home and business owners
Models range from 2000w portable to 1 Mega Watt Industrials
Provide power for lights, heat, central air well pumps and more.
Ultra quiet operation
Residential Standby
and Commercial Generators
Provide backup or prime power for all industrial purposes such as
schools, hospitals, gas stations, oil and gas well site operations and
many others that require NFPA 70 and NFPA 110 parameters.
Industrial Generators
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